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Spring Mount Floating Floor Jack

Jack-Up Spring Floating Floors

The jack up spring floating floor is used for low frequency isolation or where impact isolation is required, such as bowling alleys, aerobics and health clubs.

The spring mount jack up system can also be used to isolate a building or room from noise and vibration caused by trains, railways and underground systems.

Highest Quality Floating Floors

Mason UK Ltd are specialists when it comes to spring mount acoustic flooring systems. Our acoustic, concrete, jack up system are the industries best. So you can rely on Mason's to acoustically isolate and control vibration to the very highest standards.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product. Please contact Mason UK's acoustic engineers by using the details in the blue bar to the left or by clicking: the Contact tab.

Data Sheets & Installation Photos

The Data Sheet PDF's have technical information on dimensions, loads, installation and more. These can be found at the top of the grey bar to your right (along with installation photos).

Beneath these you can see links to past projects that have used this product.

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