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Type DNSB-A low frequency wall tie / sway brace

DNSB-A Sway Brace / Wall Tie

DNSB-A is a low frequency wall tie. This sway brace has a bolt end for stud walls or hooked end for masonry walls.

The DNSB range is our most popular acoustic wall tie. These sway braces are available in two different sizes and with various ends to suit different wall constructions. DNSB-A acoustic sway braces are supplied pre-compressed to ensure consistent acoustic isolation while tolerating a range of wall loads.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product. Please contact Mason UK's acoustic engineers by using the details in the blue bar to the left or by clicking: the Contact tab.

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AFA - Acoustical Furring Attachment

The AFA is an acoustical furring attachment for use with metal or wood stud walling. The AFA clamps the top hat section of the metal framing system to which boards are then attached

AFA Data Sheet
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AB-716 Angle Head Restraint

Angle head restraint for the top of the block and stud walls. The AB-716 provides support whilst ensuring acoustic isolation is maintained

AB-716 Angled Head Restraint
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NPS - Partition Support

The NPS Partition Support is used to acoustically isolate the bottom channel of steel stud walls, held in place by a frame or hammer fixing. To learn more about the NPS please click below

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SWW Masonry Isolation

Mason UK's SWW type wall isolation strips is designed to acoustically isolate a masonry wall from the base slab. Our SWW's are designed to suit the project

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WIC-2-SM Sway Brace / Wall Tie

The Mason WIC-2-SM is a masonry wall tie designed to connect two masonry walls built together. No limit on cavity or wall thickness. Learn more about this sway brace by clicking the button below

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WIC Sway Brace / Wall Tie

The WIC acoustic sway brace is a low profile, low cost wall tie. Minimum cavity = 40mm

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Isolated Walls

The walls of a space sensitive to noise or vibration transmission need to be isolated from the main building structure. The walls can be built on a floating floor or specially designed wall support plates. Click below to learn more.

DNSB-BM Wall Tie / Sway Brace

The DNSB-BM range is a very popular acoustic sway brace. It is a low frequency wall tie. Bolt end for stud walls or hooked end for masonry walls.

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