Concrete Floating Floor Vibration Isolation, House of Music – Denmark

The Musikkenshus is designed to be the largest classical music venue in Northern Europe. To be the home of the Aalborg Philharmonic Orchestra, the project is substantial and the quality of the acoustic environment paramount. All acoustic aspects have been designed and validated by Artec of New York.

Mason UK won the contract to supply all the floating floor systems in the building. This included the main concert hall stage, three further auditoria and numerous recording and practice rooms around the building.

We are very proud to have worked on such a prestigious project. Our engineers worked very closely with the architects, acousticians, structural engineers and contractors. Our team specified and supplied a wide range of products for this project, including the isolation of gantries, lighting rigs, and the exterior building cladding.

Working closely with the dry lining and M&E contractors, we supplied sway braces and hangers for the walls and ceilings of several practise rooms.

We also helped the M&E contractor to select the correct Open Spring Mounts and Spring Hangers to meet the specification and suitably isolate the plant, Duct work and Pipes.

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DNSB-A Sway Brace/Wall Tie

DNSB-A is a low frequency wall tie. This sway brace has a bolt end for stud walls or hooked end for masonry walls.

30N Series – Spring Hanger

The 30N hanger series can be fitted with a range of springs to suit acoustic and weight requirements. Spring hangers are used to isolate against low frequency noise from sources such as footfalls and mechanical vibration.

Jack-Up LDS Rubber Floating Floors

The Mason FSN Jack-Up acoustic floor system can be used as the crucial part of achieving box in box construction for studios or rooms requiring a high level of acoustic separation or simply providing acoustic or impact isolation from one area to another.

Dry and Formwork Rubber Floating Floor

The Dry Rubber Floating Floor system is the traditional method of creating a floating floor. Isolators are placed at regular intervals across the area and the floating floor built on top.

Open Spring Mounts

Open spring mounts are typically used to isolating mechanical equipment, which producing lower frequency vibrations.