Soundmask – Sound Masking System

Mason UK offers a complete soundmasking design and installation service. Our system is highly flexible and can be used for many applications from a small office to an entire office block.

Our soundmasking system works by digitally generating Gaussian noise which is passed through a Spectrum Shaper to flatten its response through the midrange, corresponding to human speech frequen­cies. This enhances the level of background sound, masking intrusive noise such as chatter, telephones and printers, significantly reducing speech intelligibility and thus increasing privacy and comfort. Studies have shown that the generated sound does not become distracting because the generator is programmed not to repeat for a lifetime, unlike the old pink and white noise chips still used by many companies.

Soundmasking systems are typically used in open plan offices, reception rooms where privacy may be important such as Clinics, Doctors or Lawyers Offices or conference suites where the existing background noise level is insufficient to create privacy. By setting the masking background sound at a suitable level, the environment becomes more pleasant and private. The system can also be used to counter specific noises or disturbance, even with low frequency content.

Our simplest system comprises of a sound generator and a series of speakers. The speakers are usually suspended above the existing ceiling system and thus are neither visible nor invasive. Each speaker can be independently set and using a zone distributor, separate zones in a building can be established with independent volume controls with the option of being controlled remotely by a PC. We can add an equaliser to shape the sound to suit consultant’s requirements.

We have a separate Soundmasking website with detailed information on our products and examples of installations. Click here to visit our site: