Vibration Isolation for Rooftop Swimming Pool, 1 Shard Place

1 Shard place and The Shard

1 Shard place building

Mason UK had the pleasure of working on the prestigious 1 Shard Place project. We carried out the vibration isolation of an open-air swimming pool on the top floor of the 27-story building directly adjacent to The Shard in London. Several special galvanised heavy-duty restrained spring mounts were used to support the 156-tonne pool structure.

The use of the pool was predicted to generate considerable vibration transmission into the luxury flats below. Such activities as diving and swimming would cause vibration pulsations in the water which would be transmitted into the penthouse beneath and reradiated as noise. To control this issue, 50mm deflection restrained spring mounts were selected to isolate the pool from the structure.

The open-air swimming pool was located on the roof of the building, meaning that the spring mounts would need to be protected against both rainwater and corrosive chlorinated pool water. Therefore, we manufactured special galvanised spring mounts for the project. 24 spring mounts were specified to support the structure, with 12 either side. See below for construction details.

A unique concrete slab was poured onto a void former formwork. Mason UK carried out the lifting of the slab to place the spring mounts onto each plinth and support the slab, ready for the further trades to construct the swimming pool structure above. See the following photos showing the lifting process.

Once the concrete slab was lifted to the design height, and our spring mounts were put in place, other trades were able to continue constructing the swimming pool structure. The pool was supported on the spring mount housing at this point. Once the pool was constructed and filled to close to operating weight, Mason UK returned to adjust the spring mounts. The spring mount bolts where adjusted to load the springs, and the weight was gradually transferred over to the internal springs in the mounts. The advantage of this Mason system is that the pool did not move despite the springs being compressed against the weight. The spring mounts also incorporate limit stops ensuring that if the weight of the pool were to reduce significantly, for example by sloshing or emptying out the water, the slab would not lift by more than a few millimetres.

We worked with multiple trades to coordinate works and ensure that the installation went as smoothly as possible. Mason UK can supply and install spring mounts for many applications such as the above and more. If you would like us to help on your project, please do contact our experienced engineering team.

See below for further photos.

Construction Photos

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