Acoustic Isolation of Science & Medical Rooms

Understandably laboratories and operating theatres often need to be acoustically isolated from outside noise and vibration. Not only can external sounds distract a surgeon performing a crucial operation or a scientist executing a precise experiment; it can effect the equipment itself.

Mason Industries has several methods available for isolating sensitive medical and scientific equipment. These have been specially designed to ensure the accuracy of measurements and experiments; removing the threat of outside acoustic noise & vibration influencing procedures, often crucial in delicate operations or detailed studies.

Inertia Bases – Noise & Vibration Isolation

To prevent external vibration affecting measurements, imaging or experiments (scientific or medical) it is often necessary to isolate them on an inertia base in conjunction with low frequency isolators such as air springs or high deflection steel springs.

It is possible to isolate each piece of equipment on its own inertia base; this is done to stop vibrations from one machine affecting another. For more information on inertia bases please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the appropriate product.

Air Springs – Resonance Free Isolation

An exceptionally effective method for isolating equipment in a laboratory is to use air springs. This ensures a very low natural frequency, as air springs are essentially resonance free. Mason UK often uses these for projects that require an extremely high level of vibration control. Frequencies of about 2Hz are typically achieved but lower acoustic frequencies are possible by bolting the air spring to a sealed hollow stanchion to increase the effective volume as the natural frequency is related to the air volume.

Air springs are often used for medical scanners (MRI) or high precision imaging equipment such as TEM and SEM as well as some types of electrical transformer due to their complex vibration spectrum. For more information on air springs please scroll down the page and click on the relevant product.

Acoustic Isolation of Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Mason UK has many products and several methods for sound proofing a room or building. If your project requires more than just equipment isolation, then we can build acoustic walls, or a jack up floating floor system. Suspended ceiling isolation can also be achieved by use of our acoustic hangers. For total noise separation from the building structure we recommend the ‘Box in a Box’ method; where acoustic walls are built onto a floated floor and covered by a suspended ceiling. This continuous air gap and the LDS rubber and/or spring elements ensure that the room is totally free from outside noise. There is also a large range of L.D.S and neoprene rubber mounts and pads, which can be used to control the vibration of equipment mounted on it.

Flexible Pipe Connectors & Acoustic Hangers

Any piping for liquids or gases that attach to these machines may also need to be acoustically isolated, allowing for movement and stress. For this we recommend our flexible pipe connectors and our acoustic hangers. By using this combination of products you ensure that the plant rooms vibration & noise is unable to pass through to the main structure as it is absorbed by the rubber and spring elements of our products.

There is quite a large range of flexible pipe connectors; ranging from Kevlar reinforced rubber to braided metal, copper and stainless steel pipe connectors. We have a range of specially designed, vibration controlling, hangers for suspending piping. The best solution for isolating your laboratory or operating theatre will be found by our acoustic engineers. For more information on all of these products please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the relevant section, or contact our helpful engineers.


For more information on the acoustic isolation of science laboratories or medical and hospital facilities, please contact Mason UK’s knowledgeable engineers.

Our highly skilled staff will be happy to help find a solution to whatever your problem may be. So give them a ring and talk through any questions or queries you may have.

Typical Products Used

Rubber Expansion Joints

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors and expansion joints produced by Mason Industries. This page gives a brief overview with links to more specific product details.

Air Springs

Air Springs are typically used to isolate equipment that is very sensitive to vibration. They provide very high levels of isolation, can reach very low natural frequencies and are essentially resonance free. They would typically be used in research and medical facilities.

Isolation Hangers

Acoustic isolation hangers are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the building structure, or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below.

Jack-Up Spring Floating Floors

The jack up spring floating floor is used for low frequency isolation or where impact isolation is required, such as bowling alleys, gymnasia and health clubs.