Pipe Guides, Anchors & Adjustable Sliding Guides

Pipe Guides & Anchors

Our All Directional Anchors and Vertical Sliding Guides are designed for risers with straight pipe, offsets or expansion joints. The acoustic Pipe Guides & Anchors do not only carry out the normal functions, but also acoustically isolate the riser piping from the building structure. This ensures that the high frequency vibration within the pipework does not transmit into the building and causes noise and vibration problems in occupied areas. 

They are available in two types; All-directional and Vertical. All-directional acoustical pipe anchors consist of two sizes of steel tubing separated by a minimum 1/2” (13mm) thickness of 60 Duro or softer neoprene. Vertical restraints incorporate a similar material arrangement to prevent up or down vertical travel. The maximum load capacities are 500 psi (3.45 N/mm2).

Adjustable Sliding Guides

Our newly developed Adjustable Sliding Guides offer many improvements over other guides: one size guide for all thicknesses of insulation, less friction with our Stainless Steel Slides, sturdier construction and they can be used as load supports as well.

Mason Adjustable Sliding Guides (ASG) are pipe guides that can be installed in any orientation. They come is a range of standard sizes to suit pipes from 20mm to 300mm in diameter. Larger Guides are available on request. Spider pipe guides (SPG) are also available. Anchors are manufactured to order. Full details can be found in the attached bulletins below.

If you would like to order or learn more about any of these products, please contact Mason UK’s friendly team of engineers.

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Thrust Restraints

Thrust restraints are recommended for all fan heads and for axial or centrifugal fans when the air thrust exceeds 10% of the equipment weight.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are used to allow for pipe movement from such scenarios as thermal expansion.