Air Springs

Air Springs are typically used to isolate equipment that is very sensitive to vibration. They provide very high levels of isolation, can reach very low natural frequencies and are essentially resonance free. They would typically be used in research and medical facilities.

Air sprung systems are used to greatly reduce vibration transmission. In essence this is done by supporting on columns of pressurised air which is constrained by the air spring.

Natural frequencies of circa 2Hz are achieved with this system, however it is possible to go lower with the use of tanks and similar devices which increase the volume of the system and hence the effective air column.

Typical applications include medical scanners or high precision imaging equipment such as electron microscopes. Some types of electrical transformers require isolation via air springs due to their inherently complex vibration modes, especially when located on a suspended floor.

Swimming pools are often supported on air springs because the system is self-levelling. Unlike springs, this means the system will not pitch or lift up when water moves or the pool is emptied for cleaning or maintenance.

Air Spring Bases

Air springs can be used in conjunction with steel or reinforced concrete bases. Steel bases allow for a cleaner alternative when retrofitting the system in a controlled environment where use of wet concrete is not an option. Providing a well-designed base will increase mass, lower the center of gravity and provide a very stiff supporting structure to prevent additional vibration modes.

Mason air springs use high grade EPDM (DuPont Nordel) reinforced with impregnated nylon to produce a very reliable system. Our regulator valves automatically keep the system to a precise level irrespective of changes in mass and we can engineer the entire system, which can be weatherproof and maintenance free for many years.

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