Acoustic Isolation of Plant Rooms

Plant rooms can be located anywhere in a building with the possibility of causing disturbance to sensitive areas such as bedrooms, offices, boardrooms, operating theatres, or penthouse suites.

Acoustic Isolation of Gymnasia

A gym by its very nature is a place where people participate in noisy activities – running, jumping, shouting, ball sports and weight lifting etc are all part of typical gym usage; any [...]

Acoustic Isolation of Recording Studios

Whether your studio is for film, television, radio or music production; it is crucial that it is totally free from external noise. Any slight sound or disruption of the recording process can [...]

Acoustic Isolation of Cinemas

For the all-encompassing, big screen cinema, with surround sound, to achieve the ultimate in audience experience, it is crucial that external noise does not interfere with the show. Distracting [...]

Acoustic Isolation of Theatres & Venues

Performances in theatres and musical events in venues & concert halls need to have noise levels carefully controlled. Acoustic isolation is important to minimise both external noise from say [...]

Industrial Acoustic Isolation

There are a wide range of Mason Industries products suitable for industrial applications – mechanical and electrical (M&E). The term ‘industrial’ potentially covers a lot of different [...]

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