Ford Dunton Technical Centre

We were approached to help solve a vibration disturbance that was being caused by two large vacuum pumps used for the vacuum test chambers. The vacuum chambers simulate various environments and [...]

Greenwich 205 Peninsular

Following the successful installation of Jack Up concrete floors for the Greenwich 119 project with Kier London, Mason UK were brought on board by Mace to work on the Greenwich 205 project for [...]

BBC Broadcasting House – Cardiff

Mason UK secured the contract to provide acoustic floating floors for the new BBC building in central Cardiff. This was a large, logistically challenging job that required floors to be installed [...]

BBNR Bridge Bearing Natural Rubber Pad

BBNR pads are 25mm thick anti-vibration pads that are available in a selection of sizes and load capacities. They can be applied to many applications, from the supporting of mechanical equipment, [...]

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