55-93 Knightsbridge, London

Mason UK designed and supplied the building isolation bearings for this large and prestigious development, which included an isolated retained façade. The project involved the demolition of the [...]

Seismic and Blast Engineering

Some buildings and the services within them have to be designed for seismic (earthquakes) or blast (due to terrorist activity or local activity causing explosion). These are often facilities [...]

Oxsonics Air Sprung Base – Oxford

Oxsonics representatives contacted us for help to solve a vibrations disturbance being caused by construction work nearby. The sensitive equipment they use requires very high levels of precision [...]

Pipe Systems & Engineering

We can support the design and engineering of building services requiring vibration isolation, thermal expansion compensation and pipe stress analysis to determine expansion and movement [...]

Mechanical Vibration Isolation

Mason UK are able to assist with many aspects of mechanical vibration isolation from the selection and installation of anti-vibration mounts, to 3D modelling of BIM skids and utilising “Clash [...]

Ford Dunton Technical Centre

We were approached to help solve a vibration disturbance that was being caused by two large vacuum pumps used for the vacuum test chambers. The vacuum chambers simulate various environments and [...]

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