TV and Radio Studios Vibration Isolation with Floating Floors, BBC Scotland

We supplied and installed floating floors for 24 TV and Radio studios on this stunning development.

We have successfully supplied and installed floating floors for 24 TV and radio studios on this interesting project. We used the Mason Jack-Up system with 150mm thick concrete slabs and generally with 150mm air gaps – one TV studio had a 265mm air gap however. We worked with the Concrete sub Contractors – P.J. Carey Ltd.

According to their website, Pacific Quay is the most significant single project in the history of BBC Scotland. The new building will be a dynamic broadcasting HQ fit for the 21st century, at the heart of an urban digital media community. Situated on the River Clyde, opposite the SECC and next to the Science Centre, it will be part of a stunning development and we hope our landmark building will provide an ‘anchor’ for the whole Pacific Quay site, around which other creative industries will grow.

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