Floating Floor Vibration Isolation for TV Studios, Birmingham City University (BCU)

Mason UK won the contract from Willmott Dixon to supply and supervise the installation of concrete jack up floating floors specified by Arup Acoustics for two TV Studios on this project. Mason worked with the concrete frame contractor MPB to form the floating floors.

Acoustic bearings have also been supplied to support the block walls of the studios. The walls are to be built off a reinforced concrete ring beam which was cast on top of the bearings.

Mason designed and supplied product to Willmott Dixon for the formwork floating floors. Several different ratings and sizes of Mason EAFM floor isolators were required for many small music rooms and TV Studio 3.

The floating floors were a dry construction and consisted of 2 layers of 18mm ply either side of 2 layers of 15mm ‘Soundbloc’ plasterboard.

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