BR Restrained Captive Neoprene Mounting

The BR is an all directional captive bridge bearing neoprene mounting for seismic, mobile mounted equipment, marine, and wall hung applications such as commercial garage doors.

These mounts can withstand tension, compression and shear loading. Due to these characteristics, they are ideal for wall mounted applications. Load capacities range from 14kg up to 1429kg (in compression) to suit all applications. Due to the stiffness of the rubber, these mounts are perfect for low deflection applications where movement needs to be limited unless subject to seismic or wind loading.

Our BR mounts incorporate a ductile iron housing with a variety of mounting holes for different fixing requirements. The included cap screw and washer allows for simple and easy attachment to equipment.

If you would like to learn more about this product and which type is suitable for your project, please contact our friendly team of engineers.

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