Rooftop Plant Isolation with Restrained Spring Mounts, Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel was suffering from problems due to Structure Borne Noise entering the building from the plant on the roof. Mason UK were employed by Ardmore Construction to provide a suitable isolation system to resolve this issue.

The existing Tico pads under the Standby Generator and CHP units were not providing the required isolation. Structure borne noise was emanating into the pent house apartments causing an issue with the hotel.

Spectrum Acoustics specified that the existing isolation system be replaced with restrained spring isolators to achieve 99% isolation from the disturbing frequency of 3000rpm.

Mason UK recommended that to meet the specification restrained spring isolators Mason type SLRSO isolators or similar with 50mm deflection springs be fitted to both units. The photos above show SLRSO-6-9240 isolators fitted to the heavier standby generator unit which weighed nearly 14 tonnes and was supported in only 4 locations.

Mason UK both supplied and fitted the spring isoltors using 10 tonne toe jacks to lift each unit by approximately 230mm.

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