ND – Double Deflection Rubber Mounts

Our ND rubber double deflection mounts are used to isolate mechanical plant and machinery, as well as supporting floating floor systems.

They have a large load range, starting as low as 7kg and going up to almost 2000kg for the larger varieties. The ND mounts offer more than three times the deflection than pads. They incorporate a lower steel plate to allow for effective fixing in place, however, the bottom friction surface makes bolting unnecessary in most installations. A steel plate is also encased at the top to ensure evenly spread load throughout. The rubber encasement also helps to prevent corrosion. There is a threaded insert and cap screw for easy attachment to equipment, and the inner section is hollow, allowing for horizontal movement in shear. Standard mountings are furnished in oil resistant Neoprene, but other material finishes are available such as LDS (Low Dynamic Stiffness) Natural Rubber.

The ND mounts can be used to support mechanical and plant equipment, as well as incorporated in a floating floor system. For example, the ND mounts can be used to construction of formwork LDS rubber floating floor systems.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product, and gain advice on the most suitable ND mount for your application, please contact Mason UK’s acoustic engineers.

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