DSSB – Double Spring Sway Brace/Slam Wall Isolator

The DSSB Double Spring Sway Brace/Slam Wall Isolator is a specially designed product, which was first thought up to solve a problem, but become a popular solution for such constructions as slam/rebound walls. As a result of this popularity, we decided to add it to our vast product range.

This product is particularly suitable for resiliently mounted slam/rebound walls that are subject to impact loads. The double spring arrangement allows for both compression and tension loads to be absorbed, and to allow the wall to rebound effectively to absorb the impact forces. The springs are pre-compressed, giving good static vibration isolation characteristics too. The DSSB can be used for any application where there will be an impact force on a wall or vertical surface.  See below for a typical installation detail for a slam wall.

The DSSB Double Spring Sway Brace gives superior impact isolation compared to an equivalent rubber isolator.

If you would like to learn more about our DSSB product, please contact our friendly team.

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Installation Photos

Installation photos of a slam wall utilising our DSSB-X isolators, and our ND rubber mounts can be viewed here:

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