Flexible Pipe Connectors & Expansion Joints

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors and expansion joints produced by Mason Industries. This page gives a brief overview with links to more specific product details.

When fluid is pumped around a system, it normally happens as a series of pulses rather than a smooth flow. The nature and frequency of the pulses depends on the pump, but they can have undesirable effects.

Pulses can easily be carried around the building through the pipe network, possibly causing noise and/or vibration problems and sometimes the energy is sufficient to cause damage to the pipes over time.

Varieties of connector

The fluid pressure increases as the pulse passes through the connector. This expands the rubber arch or arches of the connector outwards, absorbing energy. This greatly reduces or eliminates the pulse. Flexible connectors are therefore most commonly used on the inlet and outlets of pumps and similar equipment.

Mason U.K. can supply a great variety of flexible connectors. Some of the options available are:

• A variety of elastomers to suit the application, including natural rubber, Butyl, EPDM, neoprene, Teflon and nitrile.

• Reinforcement can be Nylon or stronger materials such as Kevlar

• Some of our connectors (Safeflex) have steel rings rather than wire to prevent the carcass pulling out – unique to Mason products. No Safeflex connector has ever failed in service.

• Ductile iron and a variety of stainless steel grade flanges available.

Total support

Mason U.K. can provide your project with full support, whether aiding with product selection or design, or providing calculations and drawings for pipeline modelling.

Further product details can be found below.

Documents & Files

Installation photos for Rubber Expansion Joints can be viewed here:

Related Products

Control Rods and Cables

Expansion joints installed in unanchored piping or connected to isolated equipment must have control rods; those control rods must be properly set so that allowable movements are not exceeded.

Concentric & Eccentric Reducers

These products are flanged concentric and eccentric reducing expansion joints with spherical arches. The carcass is made of multiple plies of tough, rubber impregnated fabric or tire cord with rubber and duck flanges integral with body.

Mercer Duct Connectors

Flexible Connectors are used in duct systems to reduce vibration transmission and shock and accommodate thermal movements at minimum stress to the ductwork.

VIBRAFLEX 150 Reinforced Rubber Pipe (Fluid Service)

The Mercer Vibraflex reinforced rubber pipe is hand built by our skilled craftsmen. To minimize pipe elongation, the carcass is constructed of multiple plies of high tensile polyester tire cord or Kevlar for high temperatures.

Series 1000 Low Spring Rate, Large Movement Expansion Joints

The Series 1000 are low spring rate, large movement expansion joints for applications where significant movement is required in the pipeline.

Series 800 Teflon Lined Expansion Joints

MERCER Series 800 PTFE Teflon® expansion joints are the sure and economical way to solve difficult expansion and misalignment problems. The Teflon® material is corrosive-proof, chemically inert and does not age.

Series 700 Invincible Teflon Lined Expansion Joints

Mercer Invincible Series 700 Teflon® lined expansion joints combine the advantages of Teflon’s® anti-stick properties, superior strength, excellent chemical resistance and non-aging, with the advantages of Mercer’s elastomeric expansion joints.

Series 500 & 600 Invincible Heavy Duty Expansion Joints

The Mercer Invincible 500 and 600 series are our most rugged expansion joints. They are all hand built by our skilled craftsmen.

Series 450 Flexmore Expansion Joint

Mercer Flexmore Series 450 is the most economical, full-pressure elastomeric expansion joint available. Tough fabric and tirecord plies are bonded between the tube and cover in a steel mould and then cured in a thermostatically controlled steam chamber.

Series 300 Sleeve Type Expansion Joint

Our Mercer series 300 sleeve type expansion joints are available in a large variety of tube and cover material for different applications. Such materials as EPDM, Hypalon, Neoprene, Nitrile and more.