Vacuum Pump Vibration Isolation, Ford Dunton Technical Centre

We were approached to help solve a vibration disturbance that was being caused by two large vacuum pumps used for the vacuum test chambers. The vacuum chambers simulate various environments and test the vehicle’s performance in various scenarios. The vacuum chambers can adjust the temperature from minus 40 degrees up to plus 55 degrees Centigrade, and replicate an altitude of up to 4000 metres above sea level.

A simple but effective solution to isolate the I-Beam pump and motor frames on our SLFH spring mounts was found. The spring mounts were to be retrofitted, as the existing anti-vibration measures were not effective, causing vibration disturbances in offices a surprising distance away. In addition, a completely new silencer arrangement was installed due to the large volume of air expelled from the exhaust of the vacuum system which aided in further vibration problems.

There was a requirement for high deflection spring mounts, as the motor running speed was relatively low; therefore our 50mm deflection springs were selected. Additionally, the acoustic report stated a fundamental frequency of 19Hz, with a Harmonic value at 38Hz.

The total weight of the vacuum pump arrangement was approximately 32 tonnes. A variety of double and triple spring mounts with varying load capacities were utilised as the loading on the frame was uneven.

Mason UK carried out the installation and adjustment of the spring mounts, liaising with many parties such as the client, contractor on site and sub-contractors to ensure that the project was carried out correctly and a was success.

This project is a prime example of how we are able to solve all manner of vibration issues, and work with great efficiency and flexibility. Further information on plant isolation can be found here.

If you would like us to assist with a plant isolation project, or would like to learn more about our products, please contact one of our friendly engineers.

See below for further construction photos.

Construction Photographs

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