Acoustic Concrete Floating Floors, The Gym Group – Manchester

Isolated, acoustic, concrete spring jack up floating floors were required by the Gym Group in Manchester, to isolate against structure borne noise from their clients working out disturbing the Law Students in the college below.

The original light weight floating floor system was not successful in isolating the impact energy of the free weights and treadmills from entering into the building fabric.

The energy from the repetitive impacts of people on running machines and free weights being dropped onto the floor became as structure borne noise and caused severe disturbance in the level below.

Mason U.K. worked with acoustic consultants Hoare Lee to design a concrete Floating Floor system using the Mason FS Spring Jacks to greatly reduce the impact energy entering the building structure. Spring Jacks with 25mm deflection springs were used in the treadmill area whilst in the free weights are 50mm deflection springs were selected to provide greater isolation efficiency.

The installation was deemed very successful and the predetermined performance requirements fulfilled.

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