HD LDS Rubber Acoustic Ceiling Hangers

The HD range of hangers is one of our most popular anti-vibration hangers. The acoustic hanger uses a high quality low dynamic stiffness (LDS) natural rubber element which offers excellent acoustic sound isolation properties.

The HD acoustic hangers are designed to integrate with an upper and lower drop rod. They are very versatile and can be used to practically anything from lightweight duct work and speakers to acoustic ceilings and heavy steel frames. Ratings start at 0-20kg and increase up to a maximum of nearly 2000kg for the largest hanger.

This hanger range has several good design features. The double deflection LDS rubber element ensures high static deflections and low natural frequencies sub 10Hz are readily achievable, giving great vibration and sound isolation. Additionally, it combines the longevity of bridge bearing neoprene with the low dynamic characteristic of rubber. The rubber element extends through the metal housing, thus preventing contact between the lower drop rod, and housing. This ensures that noise and vibration cannot travel through this acoustic hanger. All hanger boxes have been tested to provide a minimum safety factor of 5:1 under tensile loads.

These hangers are available with different rubber stiffnesses to suit different loading scenarios. These hangers are available in a variety of sizes as noted below.

HD-A Hanger

The HD-A size acoustic hanger is designed for load of up to 57kg. With overall dimensions of 70x57mm, they can fit in most acoustic suspended ceiling voids. They are also ideal for supporting ductwork, pipes and speakers.

See installation photos below:

HD-B Hanger

Our HD-B acoustic hanger is a heavier duty hanger, with load capacities of up to 295kg per hanger. They are 114x108mm in size and are perfect for substantial weight applications. They are often used in cinema applications to suspend a uni-strut grid which would accept loads from plant and a secondary sacrificial ceiling.

See installation photos below:


HD-BS/CS & DS-BLUE acoustic hangers have the highest load ranges in the HD range. The HD-DS-Blue has a load capacity of 1909kg, and is suitable for suspending heavy steel structures.

Above: A HD-DS-Blue Hanger supporting an unfinished heavy metal frame. The rubber element protrudes through the metal housing ensuring there is no metal to metal contact. Once the weight comes on fully, the hangers will see further deflection and the gap between the metal frame and hanger housing will increase. 

Special Varieties

We are able to manufacture special varieties of our acoustic hangers for any requirement. For example, stainless steel hangers were produced to give added corrosion resistance for a project where hangers were located underneath a swimming pool. See photos of these hangers here:

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HDQF quick fit ceiling hangers use high quality low dynamic stiffness natural rubber. This hanger has been designed to aid the contractor with a quick and easy installation of suspended acoustic ceilings.

HDLP-A Low Profile Ceiling Hanger

The HDLP-A Hanger (PREVIOUSLY CALLED CRCH) has been designed as a low profile ceiling hanger and is used where floor to ceiling heights are critical. It uses the same rubber element as the HD-A and HDQF-A Hanger, and therefore has the same properties.

HDSM-A Joist Hanger

Joist or wall hanger with double deflection LDS rubber element and can be fitted with a ceiling channel clamp or eye bolt.

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L.D.S Rubber Hangers

Acoustic, LDS (Low Dynamic Stiffness) rubber (previously neoprene) hangers can be used for suspending ceilings or mechanical plant.