HDQF – Spring Hanger

HDQF-X quick fit ceiling hanger (Spring Variant). This hanger has been designed to aid the contractor with a quick and easy installation of suspended acoustic ceilings.

· Allows for quick and easy installation of most metal grid ceiling systems.
· The hangers can support ceiling weights of up to 59kg per hanger.
· The spring elements can provide up to 33mm deflection, providing acoustic isolation down to 4.0Hz.
· The spring element can be replaced with a variety of rubber elements (see HDQF-A series).

There is also a neoprene / LDS rubber variation of this spring mount, which can be found in the ‘Rubber Hangers’ section of ‘Ceilings and Hangers’ in the drop down menu or via the search facility (search for HDQF).

If you would like to order or learn more about this product please contact Mason UK’s acoustic engineers.

Documents & Files

Installation photos for the Spring Hangers can be viewed here:

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