Installation Services

We can offer a complete turn key solution to provide floating floor systems, including design, supply and installation. Mason U.K. designs every floating floor system in house including the reinforcing and concrete design mix. We can also offer support for any other product, including spring mounts, inertia bases and air-springs.

In addition to supplying and offering engineering support for all the products listed on our website, we can design bespoke solutions for special applications. We pride ourselves on being flexible with our approach to design and have designed many unique systems to solve a great variety of noise and vibration problems.

Floating Floors

We offer either the full installation of our jack-up floor system, or a supervisory service where we work with the project contractor. It is important to us that every floating floor is installed correctly. Important aspects are:

· Design
· Supply
· Installation
· Concrete pour
· Concrete finish as required
· Jacked to datum / door threshold

See below for a time lapse video showing the different stages of a Floating Floor construction:

Inertia Bases & Spring Mounts

Inertia bases are typically designed to suit specific pieces of equipment. The design is based on the physical size and weight of the equipment as well as the nature of the vibration it produces. We can help isolate anything from small household pumps to large pieces of industrial plant.

We can also offer on-site support for spring commissioning, bespoke bracket design and installation and anything else your project may require.

Air Springs

We also offer design and installation services for very sensitive equipment requiring isolation to very low frequencies – requiring the use of air-springs. Essentially resonance free, they can be used to isolate machinery such as MRI machines and electron microscopes.

Air springs typically require a large inertial block to produce a stable platform. This needs to be considered when designing a space to accommodate sensitive machinery. We would be happy to work with the project architect and structural engineer from the project outset.

Health & Safety Certification

We are pleased to have achieved the following Health & Safety Certifications:

Associated Products

Air Springs

Air Springs are typically used to isolate equipment that is very sensitive to vibration. They provide very high levels of isolation, can reach very low natural frequencies and are essentially resonance free. They would typically be used in research and medical facilities.

Spring Mounts

Mason UK has a complete range of spring mounts both open, enclosed and restrained. Spring mounts are typically used for applications where low frequency (sub 8Hz) vibrations are present.

Spring Mounted Inertia Bases

Inertia bases, used in conjunction with the right acoustic isolation system, are the most effective anti-vibration technique for machinery. They can vary from a simple steel frame which allows spring mounts to connect to the equipment, to large concrete filled frames to provide inertial mass.

MFS Lightweight Floor Spring

It is often necessary to provide an wooden acoustic floating floor rather than the heavier concrete construction with wood topping. Cost or weight restrictions may be the factor.

Jack-Up LDS Rubber Floating Floors

The Mason FSN Jack-Up acoustic floor system can be used as the crucial part of achieving box in box construction for studios or rooms requiring a high level of acoustic separation or simply providing acoustic or impact isolation from one area to another.

Jack-Up Spring Floating Floors

The jack up spring floating floor is used for low frequency isolation or where impact isolation is required, such as bowling alleys, gymnasia and health clubs.

Concrete Floating Floors

Floating floors systems are used for many purposes, predominantly to prevent noise passing through the floor but also to isolate against vibration and impact.