Jack-Up LDS Rubber Floating Floors

The Mason FSN Jack-Up acoustic floor system can be used as the crucial part of achieving box in box construction for studios or rooms requiring a high level of acoustic separation or simply providing acoustic or impact isolation from one area to another.

The Mason Jack up system eliminates the need for the labour intensive installation of boards. The lifting process ensures an airgap which may be compromised with the panel system if concrete spills through the shutter. The Jack-Up system is highly flexible and assures excellent performance.

Rubber Floating Floor Applications

Air gaps of up to 200mm can be achieved with the jacking process or higher with the use of void former and plinths. Natural frequencies can be specifically achieved in the range of 8-12 Hz by the careful selection of isolator types and spacing.
The elastomer used in the Mason system is now LDS (Low Dynamic Stiffness)rubber which is a recent advanced formulation and combines the advantages of the low dynamic characteristic of rubber with the longevity of bridge bearing neoprene.

We have successfully used this product for recording, radio & TV studios, cinema auditoria, music rooms, gymnasiums and plant rooms. Our clients include the BBC, Royal Opera House, Sadlers Wells, BSkyB, Channel 4, Cinemas Operators and many more.

See below for a typical LDS Rubber Floating Floor detail:

Jack Up Acoustic Flooring

Jack up concrete flooring is the best way acoustically and also the most cost effective system.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product please contact Mason UK’s acoustic engineers.

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Installation Videos

Construction of a LDS Rubber Floating Floor:

Jacking of a LDS Rubber Floating Floor:

Construction Photos

Installation photos for the Jack-Up LDS Rubber Floating Floors can be viewed here:

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