Jack-Up Spring Floating Floors

The jack up spring floating floor is used for low frequency isolation or where impact isolation is required, such as bowling alleys, gymnasia and health clubs.

The jack-up spring floating floor system can also be used to isolate a sensitive space from external sources of noise and vibration, such as trains, railways and underground systems.

The jack-up system typically uses 25mm deflection powder coated springs, which are designed to provide lateral as well as vertical stiffness to ensure stability and isolation is provided in every axis. The system can also be installed with higher deflection springs to achieve lower natural frequencies, down to 2.2Hz, as required.

High Performance Floating Floors

Air gaps of up to 200mm and floor thicknesses of up to 250mm can be achieved with the jacking process. We work together with architects, acoustic consultants, structural engineers and contractors to advise and collaborate on designs to achieve the desired performance, as well as providing supervision and installation to ensure that everything meets the client’s expectations.

We have successfully installed jack-up spring floors in a wide variety of applications, such as gyms, mechanical workshops, plant rooms and bowling alleys.

If you would like to inquire about jack-up spring floors, please contact Mason UK’s acoustic engineers by using the details in the blue bar at the top of the page. We are always happy to provide advice, details and recommendations as required, and will work with you from design through to installation to meet the demands of your project.

See a typical jack up spring floating floor detail below:

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