Elastomeric Isolation Bearings and Floating Floors, Kingsmead Cinema Farnborough

Mason UK won the contract from Dawnus Construction to supply acoustic bearings for the raked seating and jack up floating floors for the new Vue 7 screen Cinema complex in the Kingsmead Shopping Centre in Farnborough.

Mason UK designed, and supplied bespoke acoustic bearings to support the raked seating structure. The bearings were designed for the loads specified by the structural engineer taking into account the space envelope available, and to achieve the target natural frequency of less than 14Hz.

The photos show some of the bearing locations. Note that the bolts are isolated from the structure utilising Mason HG Bolt isolation bushings.

Jack Up Floating Slabs

The cinema auditoria were designed to be full box in box structures, with the walls being built off the floating floors and the raked seating.

The Mason FSN jack up system was proposed to achieve the acoustic performance specified. The floating floor slabs were designed in house. Special attention was paid to the access ramps entering most auditoria. The installation was undertaken by Mason UK, overseen by our own qualified Site Supervisors.

Mason UK always either carry out or supervise the installation of our floating floors to ensure the work is carried out correctly.

The floors at Farnborough have been designed to provide consistent performance across the slab, irrespective of the loads imposed by the heavy walls. The floors have a superior response to the isolation bearings and Mason UK are helping to ensure the walls and ceilings match this performance.

Mason had to overcome floor deviations of up to 70mm across individual auditoria slabs. Jacks were selected to accept the increased concrete thickness to cope with the floor deviations and were extended to suit.

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