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Design and Installation of Sprung Jack-Up Concrete Floating Floor for Pure Gym Bicester

Mason UK were brought on board by Pure Gym to provide a Jack Up Sprung Floating Floor totalling around 800 square metres for their new site on the first floor of a steel frame building on the new Bicester Business Park.

Concrete and Lightweight Sprung Floating Floors for Anytime Fitness Gym

The Mason UK team were brought on board to design, supply, and install a jack up concrete floating floor for the Free Weights area on the Anytime Fitness project.

Vibration Isolation for Rooftop Swimming Pool, 1 Shard Place

Mason UK had the pleasure of working on the prestigious 1 Shard Place project. We carried out the vibration isolation of an open-air swimming pool on the top floor of the 27-story building directly adjacent to The Shard in London. Several special galvanised heavy-duty restrained spring mounts were used to support the 156-tonne pool structure.

Concrete Floating Floors for Peloton Headquarters, Covent Garden, London

Mason UK were awarded the contract to Design, Supply, and Install Concrete Jack Up Floating Floors for the brand-new Peloton headquarters in Covent Garden. In addition to being a prestigious project for an innovative, high-end fitness brand, the historic setting of Floral Street (just one street over from Covent Garden Piazza itself) presented a host of logistical challenges to overcome.

Building Isolation Bearings, 55-93 Knightsbridge, London

Mason UK designed and supplied the building isolation bearings for this large and prestigious development, which included an isolated retained façade. The project involved the demolition of the existing early Edwardian structure, but leaving the listed façade behind. A new isolated structure was constructed, supported on 8Hz Mason bearings and resiliently connected back to the façade.

Air Sprung Inertia Base for Laboratory Equipment – Oxsonics, Oxford

Oxsonics representatives contacted us for help to solve a vibrations disturbance being caused by construction work nearby. The sensitive equipment they use requires very high levels of precision and so any disturbances can cause their results and experiments to be false. We therefore installed a high-performance system utilising Mason Air Springs.

Vibration Isolation of Mechanical Plant for The Sir Henry Royce Institute, Manchester

Mason UK had the pleasure of working alongside Laing O’Rourke on many aspects of plant isolation on the SHRI project. The purpose of this building was for advanced material research so it was crucial that vibration is controlled to prevent disturbance to laboratories where highly sensitive scientific equipment is in operation around the clock.

Isolation Bearings and Concrete Floating Floors, Royal College Of Music

Situated between the vibrant Imperial College of London and the illustrious Royal Albert Hall, the Royal College of Music can be considered the pinnacle of past, present and future music within the capital. It truly was a pleasure to be involved with this project

Vacuum Pump Vibration Isolation, Ford Dunton Technical Centre

We were approached to help solve a vibration disturbance that was being caused by two large vacuum pumps used for the vacuum test chambers. The vacuum chambers simulate various environments and test the vehicle’s performance in various scenarios.

Gym & Plant Room Floating Floors, Greenwich 205 Peninsular

Following the successful installation of Jack Up concrete floors for the Greenwich 119 project with Kier London, Mason UK were brought on board by Mace to work on the Greenwich 205 project for similar floor constructions in the gyms on the 15th floor and plantrooms on the 14th floor of Building 2 being built next to the O2 Arena.

Isolating Floating Floors for Studios, BBC Broadcasting House – Cardiff

Mason UK secured the contract to provide acoustic floating floors for the new BBC building in central Cardiff. This was a large, logistically challenging job that required floors to be installed on every floor from the basement up to the third floor. Overall, this project required in excess of 1,500sqm of floating floors.

Lift Pit & Orchestra Pit Vibration Isolation, Royal Opera House “Open Up” Refurbishment

It has been over 20 years since Mason UK first installed floating floors in the Royal Opera House’s famous Linbury theatre and ballet studios. We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work on the recent “open-up” phase of the project.

Acoustic Floating Floors for Music Studios, Palma – Mallorca

Mason UK designed an elastomeric jack-up floor for each of the 7 studios and live room against a highly specified acoustic brief for a “box-in-box” construction.

Floating Floor Vibration Isolation of Gym, Kings Cross

Mason were specified to provide floating floors on this project in Kings Cross by Sandy Brown Associates. Floors were required in the Spinning Room, Cardio Suite, Strength Studio and Movement Studio comprising of over 900 square metres of flooring.

Free Weights Area Sprung Floating Floor, Gymbox – Shepherds Bush

Gymbox in Shepherds Bush had been receiving complaints about the use of the Free Weights zone within its premises. Mason UK worked with Cole Jarmin Associates to design a suitable floating floor system to isolate the energy from Free Weights dropping onto the Structural slab. In the past restrictions had been placed on the Free weights zone, limiting its use.

Vibration Isolation of Trainline vibration using Isolation Bearings, Birmingham Conservatoire

Mason UK designed manufactured and supplied the 6.0Hz isolation bearings for the new Birmingham Conservatoire

Floating Floor Vibration Isolation of Recording Studios, The Farm Studios – London

Mason UK were specified to provide acoustic products and systems for the new Farm Studios on Newman Street in Central London. We worked on the design team, designing and installing the Mason FSN jack up floating floor system and supplying several other acoustic products to isolate the walls and ceil

Anechoic Chamber Vibration Isolation, St Gobain

Mason UK were brought in by IAC Acoustics to design a Floating Floor System for an Anechoic Chamber at the New St Gobain Plastics facility in Bristol.

Lateral Building Restraint Bearings, Stonegrove

Mason UK were contracted to design lateral building restraints to tie two buildings together structurally, whilst still being separated acoustically.

The load was significant, so normal catalogue wall ties could not be used. We designed bespoke assemblies to suit.

Late-Night Bar Floating Floors, Hilton Skybar

Mason UK designed and installed a jack-up floating floor under the large ‘SkyBar’ in the new Hilton Bournemouth. The late-night bar was directly above bedrooms.

Free Weights Area Vibration Isolation, Westfield Stratford Gym

The new gym was built on what was the roof of the Westfield Stratford shopping centre. The gym includes an Olympic grade free weights area, catering for free weights up to 300kg. We are installing a floating floor to isolate the weights area from the structure.

Mechanical Punch Press Shock Impact Vibration Isolation, Winchester

We were approached by a consultant working on a project near Winchester. A factory making aluminium containers had a series of 12000kg punches stamping out parts. The vibrations resulting from this were significant, swaying light fittings and shaking doors in buildings even a considerable distance away.

Concrete Jack-Up Floating Floors, Resorts World Birmingham

We worked on the new Resorts World Complex at the Birmingham NEC, for Galliford Try. This will feature a new casino, conference centre, shopping centre, hotel, and cinema. We supplied several products and installed concrete jack up acoustic floating floors for 11 cinema.

Machine Shop Floating Floor Vibration Isolation, Cambridge University

The new machine shop at Cambridge University (Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology) required a very specific response from the floating floor.

Leather Punch Impact Vibration Isolation

Mason UK was approached by a specialist leatherwork shop. Every time a punch was used, impact noise was very audible in the shop below. We designed bespoke shock mounts to solve the problem.

Elastomeric Isolation Bearings and Floating Floors, Kingsmead Cinema Farnborough

Mason UK won the contract from Dawnus Construction to supply acoustic bearings for the raked seating and jack up floating floors for the new Vue 7 screen Cinema complex in the Kingsmead Shopping Centre in Farnborough.

Bespoke Spring Mount Bearings for Helipad, Stockholm Hospital – Sweden

Mason UK worked on the new Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden where the roof serves as a landing pad for two helicopters. To prevent pulsations from the rotor blades affecting the sensitive equipment in this medical research facility the entire roof structure is isolated by our bespoke spring mounts.

Jack-Up Floating Floor Vibration Isolation, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Mason UK won the contract from Carillion to Design, Supply and Install Concrete Jack Up Floating Floors at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall specified by Arup Associates.

Transformer Switch Room Floating Floors, Fenchurch Street

Mason UK were contracted by Kilnbridge Construction Services on this Canary Wharf Project to design and supervise the installation of 3 jack up floating floors for the Transformer Switch Rooms on the 36th Floor of the new high rise building on Fenchurch Street.

Concrete Jack-Up Floating Floors, Lillehammer Studio, Norway

Mason UK were pleased to work with Munro Associates again on the exciting new Studio Project in Lillehammer Norway. The Mason FSN jack up floating floors were specified to create a box within a box structure. Mason UK designed and supervised the installation undertaken by a local contractor.

Large Inertia Bases for Vertical Boring Machines, Project Shine, Oxford

Mason U.K. designed and installed two large inertia bases to isolate vertical boring machines in the Ernest Rutherford Laboratory, Oxford. Precision manufacturing facilities are located close by, which could not tolerate the vibration produced by these machines.

Sprung Jack-Up Floating Floor for Gym Free Weights Area, Edgbaston Priory Club

Mason UK completed the installation of the floating floor for the Free Weights area in the gym for Morgan Sindall. The requirement set by the acoustic consultant was for the floor to be 150mm thick and jacked up 100mm with a frequency of below 4Hz.

Rooftop Plant Isolation with Restrained Spring Mounts, Corinthia Hotel

The Corinthia Hotel was suffering from problems due to Structure Borne Noise entering the building from the plant on the roof. Mason UK were employed by Ardmore Construction to provide a suitable isolation system to resolve this issue.

Acoustic Concrete Floating Floors, The Gym Group – Manchester

Isolated, acoustic, concrete spring jack up floating floors were required by the Gym Group in Manchester, to isolate against structure borne noise from their clients working out disturbing the Law Students in the college below.

Concrete Floating Floor Vibration Isolation, House of Music – Denmark

The Musikkenshus is designed to be the largest classical music venue in Northern Europe. To be the home of the Aalborg Philharmonic Orchestra, the project is substantial and the quality of the acoustic environment paramount. All acoustic aspects have been designed and validated by Artec of New York.

Lightweight Coil Spring Floating Floor for Gym, Westminster Lodge

Mason UK won the contract from Willmott Dixon to supply light weight floor springs for the large Gym Area on the First floor of the Westminster Lodge project in St Albans.

Transformer Vibration Isolation with Rubber Pads

The 50Hz (or higher) vibration that transformers produce can sometimes be heard in nearby residential properties. We specify and help install rubber pads which eliminate this problem.

Floating Floor Vibration Isolation for TV Studios, Birmingham City University (BCU)

Mason UK won the contract from Willmott Dixon to supply and supervise the installation of concrete jack up floating floors specified by Arup Acoustics for two TV Studios on this project. Mason worked with the concrete frame contractor MPB to form the floating floors.

Vibration Isolation Floating Floor of Metrology Lab, Coventry University

Arup’s specified a jack up spring floor in the Metrology Lab at the Coventry University site. Mason UK designed and installed this floating floor for VINCI Construcion utilising the Mason Industries FS spring jacks to meet the 3 to 4Hz isolator natural frequency requirement.

Vibration Isolation of Dolby Cinema with Floating Floors, 4 to 6 Soho Square

Mason UK were specified by Munro Acoustics and installed 2 floating floors in the Dolby cinema for the Main Contractor Knight Harwood.

Acoustic Floating Floors for Studios, University of Kent

Mason UK installed floating floors in The Old Fire Station and Foundry buildings at the Historic Chatham Dockyards. The floating floors were required for new studios by the University of Kent.

Isolated Floating Floors, National Skills Academy (NSA) – Purfleet

Mason UK completed the supply and installation of floating floors at the National Skills Academy in Purfleet, Essex on behalf of Kier Eastern

Vibration Isolation of Auditorium with Floating Floors, Bournemouth Church

Mason UK installed the floating floor in the Auditorium for Watkin Jones on the Bournemouth Church Project. The Auditorium floating floor was 150mm thick and 775 square metres in area. The floor was poured in a single operation and jacked over 2 days to provide a 75mm air gap.

Bowling Alley Vibration Isolation, Westfield Stratford City

Mason UK designed and installed our FS jack-up spring floating floor system to isolate this 14 lane bowling complex from the multiscreen cinemas above.

Jack-Up Concrete Floating Floors for Studios, Kings College School

We installed Jack-Up floating floors in 3 studios at Kings College School Cambridge.

Concrete Jack-Up Floating Floors, St Johns College Oxford

Mason UK were specifed by Arups and contracted by Kingerlee Construction to supply and install 400 square meters of jack up floating floor for St Johns College at Oxford University.

Vibration Isolation of Severn Trent Pumping Station with Inertia Base

The residential property next to this Sewage Pumping Treatment Works had been experiencing problems with vibration being transferred from the pumps into their house. Mason UK designed and supplied a bespoke inertia base mounted on springs and Mason Mercer 502 Heavy duty Expansion Joints.

Music Venue Vibration Isolation with Floating Floors, Snape Maltings

We installed 3 floating floors at Snape Maltings in Suffolk for this well known music venue made famous by Benjamin Britten.

Raked Seating Floating Floors and Isolation Bearings, Union Square Aberdeen

Mason UK completed a project at Union Square Aberdeen, Scotland. This was a big project that made use of floating floors and rubber isolation bearings to acoustically isolate the raked cinema seating. This was one of the most complicated jobs Mason UK has ever undertaken.

Vibration Isolation of Rooftop Plant with Concrete Floating Floor, Westminster Park Plaza

We installed a Mason FSN jack-up floating floor system on the roof of this hotel to isolate the bedrooms below from air conditioning plant.

Vibration Isolation of TV Studio with Acoustic Hangers and Floating Floors, Maastricht Holland

We supplied high capacity hangers to suspend a heavy acoustic ceiling in the TV studio for L1 in Maastricht, Holland.

Cinema and Bowling Alley Vibration Isolation, High Wycombe Development

We supplied and supervised the installation of Mason ‘Jack-Up’ floors for 12 cinemas and a 10 lane bowling centre at the High Wycombe Town Centre Development.

Vibration Isolation of Rooftop Plant with Floating Floors, Victoria Square – Belfast

We installed approximately 1000 square metres of our Jack-Up floating system on the roof of the new shopping complex in central Belfast in December 2006.

Jack-Up Concrete Floating Floors for Plant Room, Bankside 123

We installed a floating floor with an approximate area of 600 square metres for a plant room on this attractive office building in Southwark, London.

Vibration Isolation of Conical Roof with Spring Mounts, Camden Roundhouse

We were very pleased to have been involved with the £28M redevelopment of the prestigious Roundhouse project in Camden.

TV and Radio Studios Vibration Isolation with Floating Floors, BBC Scotland

We supplied and installed floating floors for 24 TV and Radio studios on this stunning development.

Vibration Isolation of Auditoria & Rehearsal Spaces, The Sage Building – Gateshead

This is the Sage building in Gateshead. Mason UK installed these floors in 2003 and the building opened in 2004. The FSN jack up floating floors in the rehearsal rooms in the Music Education Centre.