Masonflex Expansion Joints

Masonflex has been sold without interruption for approximately 25 years. In this latest improved version the Kevlar® reinforcement replaces Nylon to greatly reduce elongation and to provide virtual insensitivity to high temperatures.

We have also changed the end designs to incorporate a solid steel ring under the split retention flanges. The use of a solid steel ring in place of the bead wire completely eliminates the problem of the rubber flange pulling out of the steel flange and causing major failures. These rim failures have been industry wide, and eliminating this worry more than justifies the use of Masonflex in place of competitive products.

Masonflex Neoprene connectors are all designed with multiple plies of DuPont Kevlar® tire cord and Neoprene reinforcement. They are moulded in hydraulic rubber presses where high pressure air bags expand inside the preforms to force the carcasses against the mould walls. The moulds are held between heated platens, so vulcanization takes place in the press. The tube reinforcement and cover fuse with the reinforcement layers to make the construction homogenous. As a result, wall sections are lighter with higher ratings in these truly flexible connectors and expansion joints. Other rubber materials such as Natural Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon, Butyl and more are available on special order.

The single sphere MFEJ is used where low cost or space limitations control. However, mechanical and acoustical performance can be almost doubled by changing to the most commonly specified twin sphere construction, MFDEJ. Twin sphere designs are more flexible and allow greater movement. The radial expansion of the twin spheres serves the purpose of smoothing out water pulsations.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product, please contact Mason UK’s friendly team of engineers.

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