Mechanical Punch Press Shock Impact Vibration Isolation, Winchester

We were approached by a consultant working on a project near Winchester. A factory making aluminium containers had a series of 12000kg punches stamping out parts. The vibrations resulting from this were significant, swaying light fittings and shaking doors in buildings even a considerable distance away.

Mason UK designed bespoke shock mounts to solve the problem. These consisted of six 20mm deflection springs sitting between captive load spreading plates.

Springs are necessary as they effectively have zero damping, unlike elastomers (even soft natural rubber). Springs can therefore respond quickly enough to absorb the transitory impact pulses which can typically pass through elastomers.

The spring mounts were designed to only partially compress under the dead weight of the machine. This allowed extra travel to absorb the downward momentum of the unit when the press actuated. This allowance had the added benefit of making the machine run smoother as the machine internals no longer had to absorb all the impact force.

The shock mounts were a great success – all the previous problems were eliminated.

This solution shows that we are not limited to the standard catalogue. We are happy to look at bespoke solutions and design something to suit.

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