Mini Super W Pad

Mini Super W pads feature unique waffle pockets which allow for greater deformation of the material, providing excellent isolation performance. Mini Super W anti-vibration pads can be supplied in multiple configurations to suit most situations.

Mini Super W (waffle) pads can be supplied in stacks, separated by steel plates. The amount of available deflection (and therefore acoustic isolation) increases in line with the height of rubber in the stack. The steel shims allows for load to be transferred evenly across the stack.

Mini Super W Pad size = 50mm x 50mm x 10mm thickness.
Available in neoprene or L.D.S (Low Dynamic Stiffness) rubber.
Sheet size = 450mm x 450mm comprised of 81 pads.
Nominal load for 45 durometer pad in natural rubber = 20.45 kg.

Prices are dependant upon quantity ordered. If you would like to order or learn more about this product please contact Mason UK’s acoustic engineers

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