Seismic savings in blast protection

Seismic activity may be rare in the UK, but many buildings and critical infrastructure need to be protected from blasts.  The cost of specialised equipment capable of withstanding the forces and [...]

The right to regenerate: our response

In January 2021, the Government proposed the ‘Right to Regenerate’, meaning councils will have to sell old, derelict buildings to the public, unless there is a very compelling reason not to do [...]

Is it game over for office workplaces?

While most UK home workers say they are as productive or more productive working at home as they are in the office (63 per cent), only 39 per cent of respondents believe their previous office [...]

ANC Awards 2015

Mason UK sponsored the 2015 Acoustics and Noise Consultants awards, for the category of Vibration. We spent an enjoyable day at the awards which highlighted the impressive range of design and [...]

Neoprene replaced by L.D.S Rubber

For many years we have used neoprene as the elastomer in most Mason Ind products. The main advantage of Neoprene was longevity and consistancy when compared to rubber. Rubber however is a better [...]