Open Spring Mounts

Open spring mounts are typically used to isolating mechanical equipment, which producing lower frequency vibrations.

Mason U.K. can supply a very large range of spring mounts to suit a wide variety of equipment weights and acoustic requirements. Mason U.K. can help you design and install suitable vibration isolation for your project.

The type of vibration being produced will drive the spring selection, along with the load being applied. It is important to correctly select the spring to suit each application.

Restrained Spring Mounts

Restrained Spring Mounts are spring mounts supplied with a housing which restricts spring travel. This is useful when equipment is subject to wind loading or changes weight during maintenance.

Encased Spring Mounts

Encased Spring Mounts are designed for conditions where stability is a problem, as they incorporate foam inserts to limit movement during equipment start up. They are recommended for compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans and other constant frequency vibration problems.

Spring Mounts

Mason UK has a complete range of spring mounts both open, enclosed and restrained. Spring mounts are typically used for applications where low frequency (sub 8Hz) vibrations are present.