Pipe Systems & Engineering

Mason UK can support the design and engineering of building services requiring vibration isolation, thermal expansion compensation in long runs and riser systems and pipe stress analysis to determine expansion and movement requirements.

From residential services to heavy industry and scientific we have long experience and a proven product range to support your project.

Several factors need to be considered:

  1. What are the project requirements – is there a mechanical or acoustic specification?
  2. Is the source of vibration (a booster pump for example) on anti-vibration mounts? Flexible connectors should be considered to prevent pipe failure through fatigue, allow movement and reduce vibration carried into the pipe.
  3. Temperature change – are the pipes likely to expand and contract with varying temperatures? Expansion compensators and/or pipe guides and anchors may be required to allow for this movement and prevent an expensive failure.
  4. Is pipework fixed to the floor, walls or ceiling? A combination of ceiling hangers and floor mounted isolators of the correct design will provide vibration isolation and system movement throughout the building.
  5. All services in a building should be considered part of an engineered system, vibration isolators cannot be considered separately from expansion compensators, for example.

With respect to the above points, Mason UK is equipped to assist with the design, selection and specification of building services. We can also provide calculations, installation drawings and provide site support. See the below image of a pre-assembled skid that Mason produced in 3D for a prestigious pipe system isolation project. This was inserted directly into the project BIM and we took responsibility for meeting stringent criteria from the contractor.

We are able to supply the following:

  • 3D drawings for BIM compliance.
  • Flexible connectors for thermal expansion and movement allowances.
  • Array of connectors to suit a wide range of chemical, temperature and pressure requirements.
  • Vee connectors for seismic and large deflection applications.
  • Bespoke designs to meet requirements.
  • Control rods and cables for tied requirements.
  • Pipe isolation systems incorporating anti-vibration hangers, mounts and more.
  • Piping guides to allow movement for horizontal and riser systems.
  • Expansion compensators to allow for temperature variation.

The above list outlines ways in which we can help on your project, but it is not exhaustive. If you have any pipe system engineering requirements, please contact our experienced team of engineers.

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Flexible Pipe Connectors

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors produced by Mason Industries. They can be broadly categorised into two groups; rubber expansion joints and stainless steel flexible connectors.

Rubber Expansion Joints

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors and expansion joints produced by Mason Industries. This page gives a brief overview with links to more specific product details.

Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Connectors

Stainless steel connectors are used where movement is required between two pipes or pieces of equipment. They are mainly required when pipes have to bridge building expansion joints or to allow for movement of mechanical equipment.

Expansion Compensators

Expansion Compensators are essentially a bellows that is protected by and guided within a pipe housing, and designed to give improved stability.

Adjustable Sliding Guides

Mason Adjustable Sliding Guides (ASG) are pipe guides that can be installed in any orientation. They come is a range of standard sizes to suit pipes from 20mm to 300mm in diameter. Larger Guides are available on request. Full details can be found in the attached bulletin below.