There are many applications that Mason UK’s acoustic isolation products & floating floor systems can be used for.

There is several varieties of our acoustic floating floor system and we have a range of vibration and noise control products. This means that our products are suitable for many applications where vibration control or isolation is an issue.

We list some of the main application groups below, this is by no means an exhaustive list but intended to give you an idea of the areas in which we typically work.

Scroll down and click on an application to see how Mason UK acoustical engineering solutions can help you to achieve your desired level of noise control.

Applications Suitable for our Acoustic Isolation

Acoustic Isolation of Libraries & Educational Facilities

Educational facilities, such as schools, colleges & universities, often have a wide range of activities occurring in the same building. You may have a band practising in one room and students quietly studying in the next.

Acoustic Isolation of Gymnasia

A gym by its very nature is a place where people participate in noisy activities – running, jumping, shouting, ball sports and weight lifting etc are all part of typical gym usage; any construction must withstand this treatment whilst maintaining acoustic separation to prevent noise and structural vibration transmission.

Acoustic Isolation of Recording Studios

Whether your studio is for film, television, radio or music production; it is crucial that it is totally free from external noise. Any slight sound or disruption of the recording process can reduce the quality of, or even ruin, the end product.

Acoustic Isolation of Theatres & Venues

Performances in theatres and musical events in venues & concert halls need to have noise levels carefully controlled. Acoustic isolation is important to minimise both external noise from say emergency vehicles or aircraft and internal noise from one area to another – or indeed to the outside as breakout.

Acoustic Isolation of Plant Rooms

Plant rooms can be located anywhere in a building with the possibility of causing disturbance to sensitive areas such as bedrooms, offices, boardrooms, operating theatres, or penthouse suites.

Acoustic Isolation of Science & Medical Rooms

Understandably laboratories and operating theatres often need to be acoustically isolated from outside noise and vibration. Not only can external sounds distract a surgeon performing a crucial operation or a scientist executing a precise experiment; it can effect the equipment itself.

Acoustic Isolation of Sports & Health Clubs

Sports and Health Clubs can be a challenging environment to isolate. A combination of impact and air-borne noise requires isolators to absorb low and high frequencies. The structure of the building also should be considered to ensure there is no risk of the isolators exacerbating certain vibration modes.

Acoustic Isolation of Cinemas

For the all-encompassing, big screen cinema, with surround sound, to achieve the ultimate in audience experience, it is crucial that external noise does not interfere with the show. Distracting noise breaks audience concentration and enjoyment, disconnecting them from the storyline and experience.

Acoustic Isolation of Night Clubs and Pubs

Nightclubs and pubs are frequently the source of high noise levels requiring carefully considered acoustic treatment. Mason U.K’s products can prevent the transmission of noise and vibration.

Acoustic Isolation of Bowling Alleys

Bowling facilities can produce several types of noise that may need to be controlled. The lower frequencies of the thud and rumble as the ball bangs along the alley and the clatter as it hits the pins. As well as the higher frequencies of people moving about, talking and enjoying themselves.

Industrial Acoustic Isolation

There are a wide range of Mason Industries products suitable for industrial applications – mechanical and electrical (M&E). The term ‘industrial’ potentially covers a lot of different applications, but whatever is required we will provide you with engineering support and expertise to assess the acoustic and physical requirements, before selecting either a product from Mason’s exhaustive range or designing a bespoke solution.