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Reinforced Concrete Jack-Up Floating Floors

Our Reinforced Concrete Jack-Up Floating Floor Systems can incorporate either LDS (Low Dynamic Stiffness) Natural Rubber, of Coil Spring Elements to meet the project isolation specification.

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Lightweight Floating Floors

Where reinforced concrete floating floors are not feasible, lightweight floating floor systems are beneficial. We can offer LDS rubber and spring mount systems for different applications.

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Acoustic Isolation Hangers

We stock a large range of acoustic ceiling hangers for multiple ceiling constructions and weights. Our hangers can be used with such systems as metal frame (MF) grids, Unistrut, joist ceiling constructions and other ceiling support systems. Both rubber and spring hangers are available. Both possess different performance characteristics in deflection and natural frequency.

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Rubber Mounts and Pads

Anti-vibration mounts are used to isolate equipment or machinery which produces noise or vibration from the building in which they are installed. Mason U.K. can help select the correct anti-vibration mount for your application. There is a very wide range available to suit most needs.

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Wall Isolation Products

We have a range of products available which can isolate most wall types, including stud and masonry. A large range in wall weights can be accommodated and we can also design or supply products to suit most anti-vibration requirements.

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Anti-Vibration Spring Mounts

We have a wide range of anti-vibration spring mounts including open, restrained and encased varieties to suit individual needs and requirements.

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Structural Isolation Bearings

We can supply both rubber and spring isolation bearings designed to meet specific load ratings, and acoustic specifications. Isolation bearings can be “off-the-shelf”, or designed and manufactured bespoke for specific requirements.

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Flexible Pipe Connectors

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors produced by Mason Industries. They can be broadly categorised into two groups; rubber expansion joints and stainless steel flexible connectors.

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Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Connectors

Rubber Expansion Joints

Acoustic Foams

Closed cell foams are used as part of an airborne acoustic barrier or a structural vibration break. We can supply acoustic foams in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials. We can supply foams with adhesive backing, in sheets or rolls and in fire retardant Class O materials.

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Air Springs

Air Springs provide very low natural frequency and are essentially resonance free. Typically used for installations requiring a extremely high level of vibration control – such as science labs and medical facilities. They are available in a variety of sizes for different load and natural frequency requirements.

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