Control Rods and Cables

Expansion joints installed in unanchored piping or connected to isolated equipment must have control rods; those control rods must be properly set so that allowable movements are not exceeded.

Thrust Restraints

Thrust restraints are recommended for all fan heads and for axial or centrifugal fans when the air thrust exceeds 10% of the equipment weight.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are used to allow for pipe movement from such scenarios as thermal expansion.

Concentric & Eccentric Reducers

These products are flanged concentric and eccentric reducing expansion joints with spherical arches. The carcass is made of multiple plies of tough, rubber impregnated fabric or tire cord with [...]

Mercer Duct Connectors

Flexible Connectors are used in duct systems to reduce vibration transmission and shock and accommodate thermal movements at minimum stress to the ductwork.

Series 800 Teflon Lined Expansion Joints

MERCER Series 800 PTFE Teflon® expansion joints are the sure and economical way to solve difficult expansion and misalignment problems. The Teflon® material is corrosive-proof, chemically inert [...]

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