Restrained Spring Mounts

Restrained Spring Mounts are spring mounts supplied with a housing which restricts spring travel. This is useful when equipment is subject to wind loading or changes weight during maintenance.

Restrained Spring Mounts come with a wide variety of ratings and spring deflections, and are encased in a housing with adjustable limit stops. When set correctly, the springs will be floating and isolating correctly, but if the equipment changes weight significantly (perhaps when fluids are drained during maintenance) or is moved (usually from wind when outside) the limit stops prevent the spring from moving excessively.

Limit stops incorporate rubber pads so there is never a solid connection between the equipment and the ground.

SLR Restrained Spring Mounts

Our SLR restrained spring mount range is extensive, including formed and welded housings. Formed housings for light duty applications, and welded for heavy duty. The load capacity can be varied from 21kg for single spring variants all the way up to 17,346kg with multiple springs.

They are available with single and multiple springs for added load capacity, and 1” (25mm) to 4” (100mm) spring deflections to meet performance requirements. The Welded SLR range incorporates a steel spacer to retain the overall height before and after installation. The steel spacer negates the requirement for temporary blocks/spacers typically placed under the equipment during the installation of spring mounts.

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SLRSO Restrained Seismic Open Spring Mounts

Our SLRSO spring mounts are available with 1” (25mm) and 2” (50mm) deflection springs, and in single or multiple spring arrangements. The housings are especially designed to withstand seismic forces. The load capacity can be varied from 29kg for single spring variants all the way up to 10,818kg with multiple springs.

The spring mount can be temporarily locked at the overall height during the installation, allowing for the height to remain the same once adjusted, aiding the installation. The limit stops ensure that overall height does not change if the weight of the equipment changes from fluid drains during maintenance and other scenarios.

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Installation Photos

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