Safe Flex Pipe Connectors

Mason Safeflex expansion joints are moulded and vulcanised in hydraulic presses where high pressure air bags expand inside the forms to force the carcass against the mould walls. The high pressure produces outstanding adhesion between the cover, reinforcement and tube.

The reinforcement is Kevlar® instead of Nylon which greatly reduces elongation and insensitivity to high temperatures (up to 121 degrees C). The EPDM curing process uses peroxide instead of sulphur which raises the high temperature safety factor as well as other physical properties.

Vibration Proof Flexible Pipe Connectors

The Safeflex flange uses a fully encapsulated square section ring instead of cables. This greatly reduces the risk of failure and eliminates the need for control rods/cables at normal working pressures.

Mason Safeflex Features:

• Tested to 150% of rated pressure
• Kevlar® has outstanding tolerance to temperature
• Peroxide cured EPDM superior to sulphur curing
• Solid steel flange rings cannot pull through flanges
• Sealing pressure is higher using external stops as rotation points
• Eliminates the need for control rods/cables at normal working pressures

If you would like to order or learn more about these acoustic flexible pipe connectors and their vibration and noise control properties, please contact Mason UK’s friendly acoustic engineers.

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