Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Connectors

Stainless steel connectors are used where movement is required between two pipes or pieces of equipment. They are mainly required when pipes have to bridge building expansion joints or to allow for movement of mechanical equipment.

The amount of movement required and the fluid moving through the flex will determine selection. Mason flexible connectors have excellent flexibility due to a class-leading number of corrugations along their length and a high quality braid.

Stainless Steel Hose Varieties

The pictures above and below show some of the Mason family of connectors. We have a wide range available to suit any application.

• Floating flanges, fixed flanges, any variety of threaded end, copper sweat ends…

• Flexible connectors designed to nest efficiently

• Bespoke connectors of a design to suit your project

• Certified products for the refrigerant and fire industries

• From the small to the very large, any size can be provided.

Engineered for Quality

There are many products on the market which outwardly may appear very similar. The picture below shows some of the many differences which can exist. The active length determines the displacement that the connector can accept and the force required to achieve it. The number of corrugations is important for longevity – the more corrugations, the less stress per joint, the lower the chance of failure.

If you would like to order or learn more about these flexible pipe connectors, please contact Mason UK’s friendly acoustic engineers.

Product Range

Braided Annular Flexible Hose

Mason UK can provide a range of stainless steel braided annular flexible hose. These flexible pipe connectors are suitable for use with corrosive fluids, gases or temperatures and pressures outside of the rubber range.

Vee Assemblies

Many buildings are separated by expansion joints through the walls and floors. During an earthquake the two adjacent parts resonate with relatve motion of as much as +/- 100mm in shear as well as toward and away from one another.

Bellows Pump Connectors

All bellows differ from stainless steel hose in the corrugation configurations. Bellows are deeper and wider and they are made from a heavier material to handle the pressure without the braid. A very common location of our 2 ply bellows is at the pumps.

Expansion Compensators

Expansion Compensators are essentially a bellows that is protected by and guided within a pipe housing, and designed to give improved stability.

Expansion Joints

Many expansion joints are custom manufactured to diameters as large as 8 feet (2.4m). We can build to your specific product description or complete our own recommendations based on your movement and pressure requirements. 

Housed Expansion Joints

Expansion Compensators and Housed Expansion Joints are essentially a bellows that is protected by and guided within a pipe housing.