Raked Seating Floating Floors and Isolation Bearings, Union Square Aberdeen

Mason UK completed a project at Union Square Aberdeen, Scotland. This was a big project that made use of floating floors and rubber isolation bearings to acoustically isolate the raked cinema seating. This was one of the most complicated jobs Mason UK has ever undertaken.

We worked with BDP to help them achieve acoustically isolated auditoriums / cinemas. The complexity was in the raked seating structure.

Concrete Plinths & Void Formers

In the first photo below you can see the concrete plinths. These were used to place the jacks on. The gaps in between were filled with polystyrene void fillers (as you can see in the second photo). This was to act as a base for the poured concrete. Once the floors are jacked the concrete floors will not be in contact.

Floating Floor Construction

The first photo below shows the mesh and floating floor jacks laid out over the plinths and void formers. The second photo shows the cured concrete being jacked. Each level was poured separately but connected by reinforcing and later jacked as one.

Rubber Cinema Isolation Bearings

The steel framework of columns that support the raked seating area was isolated from vibration with Mason Industries LDS rubber Building Isolation Bearings. These are the very best products available in the industry.

About Union Square – Aberdeen, Scotland

The scheme represents the first significant new retail offer in Aberdeen, Scotland, in over 20 years.
BDP created a new gateway to the city including the redevelopment of Aberdeen rail station and a new bus station. A new civic square creates a real sense of arrival.
The centre has attracted new retailers and restaurant brands to the city, and provides a leisure element including a ten-screen cinema and a hotel.

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