Vee Assemblies

Many buildings are separated by expansion joints through the walls and floors. During an earthquake the two adjacent parts resonate with relatve motion of as much as +/- 100mm in shear as well as toward and away from one another.

Vertical motion is minimal. We have developed a unique product to handle this seismic motion. Our Vee construction is based on two 30, 60, 90 triangles complimenting one another to form a 60 degree ‘Vee’ at the bottom. We thought the concept so interesting that we tooled up for these fittings rather than use the common 45, 90 and 180 degree configurations.

Since it may be necessary to fit these Vee’s at odd angles, depending on space conditions, we have floating ASA 150 carbon steel flanges on both ends. No competitive products can be rotated this way.

Vee’s are often used in simple expansion applications as well.

Other fittings include Carbon Steel NPT Nipples, Weld Ends, Copper Female Sweat Couplings or Grooved Ends, as required. All of our Vee assemblies are designed for +/- 100mm movement in all directions. Other manufacturers offer +/- 50mm designs as well to reduce cost, but it is not worth the risk of misapplication.

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