Vibration Control

We stock a range of high quality vibration control products, designed to cover all applications and scenarios. Our engineers can help to select an appropriate product, design bespoke systems, and in some cases carry out the installation of vibration control products. We would be happy to discuss your structural vibration concerns and provide you with a solution.

Mechanical and electrical equipment can generate significant vibration that can travel through walls, floors and ceilings, flanking into adjoining rooms and buildings. If not treated effectively, this can  cause noise and vibration to disturb staff, residents and also effect sensitive equipment. Mechanical vibration can even cause damage to the structure if significant vibration is generated. We can supply, and design vibration solutions for such equipment as AHU’s, A/C units, CHP units, pumps and more. See the following examples of systems and products to help you with your project.

Inertia Bases

When machinery generates low frequency vibration, an inertia base is often required to absorb the vibration energy. Inertia bases, used in conjunction with the right acoustic isolation system, are the most effective anti-vibration technique for machinery.

Inertia bases vary from a simple steel frame which allows spring mounts to connect to the equipment through to large concrete filled frames to provide inertial mass. The increased mass reduces vibration, lowers the centre of gravity thereby reducing rocking and increases thrust resistance. We can engineer an inertia bases frame to suit project requirements in terms of size, mass and finish.

The springs supporting the inertia bases are selected to suit the vibration characteristics of the isolated equipment and the building structure – especially floor deflection.

Spring Mounts

Mason UK has a complete range of spring mounts, open, encased and restrained. Spring mounts are typically used for applications where low frequency (sub 8Hz) vibrations are present. We can provide acoustic spring mounts with up to 150mm deflection in a variety of designs to suit a variety of  installations, such as where there are wind loads or where equipment moves in different patterns, such as during an engine start/stop cycle.

LDS Rubber Mounts & Pads

LDS Rubber Mounts and Pads are particularly suitable for applications of high frequency vibration. These mounts can achieve such frequencies of around 10-12Hz.

There is a large range of LDS rubber mounts and pads for all applications, with a variety of load capacities and rubber stiffness’. Our engineers can help to select the most appropriate product for you project.

Air Springs

In some applications, it is necessary for the isolation mounts to achieve especially low natural frequency to ensure there is no resonance. This could be for locations such as scientific laboratories and medical facilities.

Air springs are selected per project, and the supporting structure is designed bespoke every time. We work on the design and can also carry out the installation.

Bespoke Systems

In some applications, it is necessary for bespoke vibration isolation systems to be designed. We can help to design, manufacture and in some cases, install bespoke vibration systems.

For example below is a bespoke spring mount to isolate a 12000kg mechanical punch press.

Our team will be able to help you with your individual requirements and produce an isolation system design for your project.


The transmission of sound and vibration can be greatly reduced through the application of these systems, with each system having its individual benefits and isolation performance.

We have worked on numerous vibration isolation projects, providing suitable products and design expertise, recognising that each job is unique and providing the perfect acoustic isolation solution.

Please contact us if you have any questions, require advice or wish to make an order by using the details on the top banner, or by sending us a quick message via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Related Products

Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts & Pads

Anti-vibration mounts & pads supplied by Mason U.K. are manufactured from high quality bridge-bearing neoprene or L.D.S rubber. Both materials are certified to meet or exceed applicable standards.

Spring Mounts

Mason UK has a complete range of spring mounts both open, enclosed and restrained. Spring mounts are typically used for applications where low frequency (sub 8Hz) vibrations are present.

Spring Mounted Inertia Bases

Inertia bases, used in conjunction with the right acoustic isolation system, is the most effective anti-vibration technique for machinery.

Isolation Hangers

Acoustic isolation hangers are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the building structure, or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below.

Air Springs

Air Springs are typically used to isolate equipment that is very sensitive to vibration. They provide very high levels of isolation, can reach very low natural frequencies and are essentially resonance free. They would typically be used in research and medical facilities.