Free Weights Area Vibration Isolation, Westfield Stratford Gym

The new gym was built on what was the roof of the Westfield Stratford shopping centre. The gym includes an Olympic grade free weights area, catering for free weights up to 300kg. We are installing a floating floor to isolate the weights area from the structure.

Dropping weights of this size will generate significant impact loads, which if not treated would emanate as structural noise in surrounding areas. The solution is a floating floor supported by springs. Springs are necessary in order to absorb the lower frequencies of the impact pulse and through being (effectively) undamped they can react quickly enough to absorb the energy of the impact pulse.

It is important that the floating floor is stiff enough so that impact loads are spread between springs and heavy enough so the floor does not perceptibly move during use. Because of the heavy free weights being proposed on this project, a 200mm thick reinforced concrete floating floor is proposed.

Because of the additional weight of the floating floor, the structural slab required strengthening. RHS Steel sections were installed across the area, to sit directly underneath the spring jacks.

To make up the floor levels, void former was placed between the steels, and the floating floor was constructed as normal.

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