Welcome to our Mechanical Specification Search Wizard. Do you have a vibration disturbance, but unsure which vibration isolation solution would be suitable? Then this tool is for you.

In the MEP and HVAC industry, it is often necessary for equipment vibration to be isolated by means of anti-vibration systems. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) generated the CIBSE Guide B4 – Noise and Vibration Control for Building Services Systems, to assist with specifying the products required to effectively isolate vibration within a building. We have built this tool to enable the specification of Mason UK products and systems to fully comply with the CIBSE Guide B4.

The tool utilises the Mason HVAC Engineer Specification document VCS-100-12 linked below. This document translates the CIBSE document to match our products and systems, and outputs alphabetical results from specifications "A" to "V” as noted in the document. The document is to be paired with the Mason Applications Drawing document VCSA-110-1 for relevant applications diagrams, also attached below.

To use the tool, select your equipment category and type and follow through the available options to generate a specification. Please contact Mason UK for additional help.

Complete HVAC Engineering Specifications
VCS-100 Non Seismic Specification Application Drawings

  1. Select the equipment that is causing the vibration disturbance:
    1. Equipment category
    2. Equipment type
    3. Specific equipment details (if applicable)
  2. Choose the relevant power range, in either (or both if applicable):
    1. RPM
    2. HP/kW
  3. Lastly, select your floor span. This is the maximum joist/beam/slab span between columns or supporting walls in the location of your equipment, and is noted as “up to” to allow for the worst case. If ground or basement, select the “Ground Supported Slab or Basement” option.

  • The results will be given as a specification noted as an alphabetical letter, as listed in our HVAC Specification Guidance “VCS-100-12” document. These letters relate to our products/systems, which are linked to and described in more detail further down the page.
  • Both a recommended product/system, and a minimum isolation deflection is given.
  • Often, the specification will be in two parts. Typically, part 1 would be an anti-vibration product/system, part 2 the ancillary items such as flexible connectors and thrust restraints.
  • The specification is not exhaustive, and for guidance only. Please contact us if you would like to investigate specific product selections, performance predictions, and to gain further advice.

  • Your specification can be copied to clipboard (text only), sent to you in an email, and or saved/printed as a pdf. See the buttons under “SPECIFICATION RESULTS” for these functions.
  • Use the specification text and images in your specification.
  • Send the specification pdf to your client for discussion.
  • Contact us for specific product selections and further advise.

Specification Search:

If unsure which to select, choose the option with *. This selection will output a conservative and compliant specification. However, please contact Mason UK for consultation and confirmation.