Jack-Up Reinforced Concrete Floating Floor and Acoustic Hangers for Yellowmoon Studios, Belfast

Yellowmoon Studios – Belfast

Mason UK were happy to work again with Level Acoustic Design who specified Mason jack up floating floors and both rubber and spring ceiling hangers for 3 studios at the new Yellowmoon Editing Studio facility in Belfast.

Our own in house engineers designed the floating floors selecting jacks to meet the acoustic performance and design loads identified by Level Acoustic Design. We worked with local contractor A Cairnduff & Sons who provided standard building materials and labour and installed the floating floors under the supervision of our engineers who were on site to ensure the installation was undertaken correctly.

One of the studios was a Foley Studio, which included a series of non-isolated Foley Pits cut into the floating floor and are used to attain clear noise effects when editing sound tracks on recordings.

Construction Photos

The pictures below show differing stages of the floor installation and there is also a small video of one of the floors being jacked.

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